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A few years ago my company did away with insurance choices and gave us Aetna. Thing went down hill from there. Each year higher and higher deductibles, higher premiums and a list of hoops that the insured has to jump through in order to get covered or get penalized. My company also has Aetna taking care of Short Term Disability claims. This has also been a disservice to the employee/insured.

I'm pretty sure that Aetna has no fears about covering claims because they find a way out of paying the claims or they find a way not to cover what they promise. I have talked with a couple of physicians that have refused to deal with Aetna because they drag their feet when it comes to paying or they outright don't pay.

I will be retiring in a few months and have been looking at healthcare plans that are truly affordable. I talked with Aetna about coverage but they have been vague in giving out information but what is clear is you will pay high premiums and have to pay a high deductibles. Not affordable in my book!

One thing about them that really offends me is that you have to wear an ankle bracelet (pebble) to record how many steps you walk each day in order to get a $100 addition to you Flex Spending account quarterly. They make it harder and harder for you to achieve this each year. Another gripe is that they look into your medical record and recommend treatment. I had a physical last year. All my tests came back in the normal range except my BP was elevated due to withdrawal from Xanax. It was 140/89. They recommended that I talk to my doctor about being put on a Statin drug. Houston, we have a problem!!!! Last week my daughter got a similar letter recommending treatment.

I mentioned Xanax withdrawal. Last summer I was having issues with dizziness. My doctor had me on a decongestant to see if it would relieve the dizziness. He was going to have me see an ENT if that didn't work. While at work my heart rate ran around 130 and wouldn't come down. I went to a convenient care clinic that was close by. That doctor felt that Xanax would help. I don't like taking meds and I expressed this to the doctor. He assured me that this would help and that there was nothing to worry about. Before I knew it in about 3 days I was having panic attacks. I contacted my doctor who admittedly didn't know much about the effects of the drug. I had several more panic attacks and had to take time off from work because I couldn't function. Aetna got involved after I was going into Short Term Disability. This is where things really went wrong. After 2 weeks of me inquiring about my claim they finally called me and said that my claim was denied. They said that I need to see a psychiatrist and then they may pay the claim. So on a Friday afternoon I tried to find one, with no luck. The earliest I could be seen was about 3 months out. I told an Aetna nurse who immediately laughed. That really fried me. I was in no shape to be going though this nonsense. I had worked for my company for over 40 years and had never abused the system. Now I am being treated like some kind of criminal. I raised enough *** that I eventually talked to her boss and was able to get my claim covered.

So, would I recommend Aetna? *** NO!!!!! Avoid this company at all cost. I am still covered by them as I have no choice at this time. As soon as I have the choice I will look elsewhere.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of insurance claim and associated monetary loss in the amount of $10000. Aetna needs to "i will look elsewhere in the near future!" according to poster's claims.

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