As of February, 2013 I am yet to receive the reimbursement for my exam back in September. Several Aetna operators told me that filing a claim would be the simplest way to get my money back.

After 5+ months I am still waiting. Yesterday I received a letter in the mail from Aetna. I thought, finally, this is it. Instead, the letter told me that Aetna was not responsible for the coverage.

After calling today, I was informed again by an operator that Aetna is responsible, and the claim will be refiled.

This isn't the first time the claims been refiled either...One would think that reimbursing something so simple would easy, but for Aetna it's not. It's certainly not a lot of money lost, but I am paying for health insurance, and I expect decent service.

Review about: Aetna Health Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $42.

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