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Since Freaking Obamacare, I have little choices with healthcare. I am very healthy, thank God. I only go to the doctor for check up yearly. But I had a small cyst removed on my back, and I had to pay for everything including the lab that biopsied the cyst.

Aetna not only did not pay anything, but when I called them, they could not even find my records as a policy holder. Once they did find my records, it was not updated and had not been updated for the year. I kept getting bounced around from Member Services Reps to Technical Support. The two teams kept blaming each other, and I kept saying that I did not want to hear them complaining about each other. I reminded them that I needed service.

They kept me on the phone for over one hour, still they were unable to resolve the issue of my file not being updated.

They told me that may be in a three days they will be able to fix the problem.

Why do I pay Aetna over $600 a month, as a very healthy person? I know the answer is Obamacare. But, can Aetna do its part and provide services....?

I am so pissedddddd...

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It's not Obamacare, it's insurance greed. It has been like this for decades.

Obamacare set out to stop so much of the nonsense.

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