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Since May 2008 I have had bad back problems. Twenty months on narcotics, physical therepy, seven lumbar epidurals and two MRI(s).

On January 14th it was determined that I need surgery on my back. Partial disk removal, fusing L4-L5 -S1 and some hardware. Surgery scheduled for February 8th.

On February 4th Aetna denied pre-approval because it was deemed medically unnecessary. 96 hours before surgery!

I called them and they have refused to tell me why. I am to wait for a letter. My surgeons office tells me is that they only want him to do part of the surgery and if that doesn't work he can go in later and do the other half. They want me to have two surgeries to recover from.

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Blue cross blue shield denied it 12 hrs b4 surgury and u think u r pissed :( :( :( :( :( :(


I am so pissed. I have done everything from therapy to chiropractic care to pain management shots.

My Orthopedic doctor schedule me for surgey on this upcoming Wed. over a month ago. I have prepared short term disability, family have taken vacation to help me post op. Aetna called me less than a week before to say I have been denied by a Dr in Illinois.

To make matters worse, it was by a Pediatrician! What gives this lady the right to tell me I don't meed the requirements. I am in a lot of pain, need help, and they don't care. I have had to cancel the surgery and now I wait for the letter.

Thanks Aetna... you disgust me.


I was denied today from Aetna, my surgery is still scheduled for this coming Monday, but I have also rearranged my life for this...such a pain in the butt. I've been through 5 years of alternative therapies...I guess it's not enough...back on the percocet I go:(


I also was denied my Back surgery, days before It was due.Lost paperwork, things didn't get file or recieved and also told it was EXPERIMENTAL... Funny been done for years.Now being on a pain patch I suffer servere Migraines that are so intense I get sick and lose time from work.

Ludlow, Vermont, United States #127123

My surgeon's office had an approval from Aetna for my surgery at an outpatient surgery center. My surgeon's office staff then scheduled my surgery, called me with the surgery date, and I went in for a pre-op visit. I scheduled my time off work and arranged for help after surgery. A week before my surgery, I get a call stating that Aetna is NOW denying coverage for my surgery and I MUST go to an HCA facility for my surgery.

Here's more salt for the wound.... The surgical instruments my surgeon needs are at the outpatient surgery center and NO HCA facility (hospital OR outpatient surgery center) in my area has these instruments necessaary for my surgery. Aetna and HCA (my employer) feel that it reasonable (?!?!?!) for me to travel up to 60 miles to find another doctor whom participates in Aetna AND will do my surgery at an HCA facility. Neither has a problem with me traveling 3+ hours (due to traffic and dense population) to repeated surgeon appts, to surgery, and home from surgery for 3+ hours ONE WAY.

Furthermore, although I'm an HCA employee, I have had 4 (in a total of 4 experiences) poor to very bad experinences (x-rays, labs, ultrasound, admission) at my place of employment. Do I really want to try for a 5th such experience?

One can't help but feel that if their employer mandates they get poor to very bad healthcare from one of their HCA facilities, perhaps continued employment would look less and less desirable.

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