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I've had severe back pain for 7 years. I've been in spinal therapy for 11 months while still working in a plant.

Had 3 facet injection procedures done with no relief, 3 MRIs, pain in legs and hips, findings are 6 bulging discs, 5 annular tears in 5 different discs, stenosis in every disc L2,3,4,5 and S1, etc. Im 42 years old, my workplace states that you must be able to lift 50 pounds continuously and NO light duty, yet our insurance wont cover back surgery.

Its all about guidelines... AETNA is a huge joke.

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I hurt my schoulder and went to my primary to get help. I was referred to a orthopedic surgeon.

I have two opinions that concure I NEED AN MRI, yet aetna had some freaking quack that claims to be a doctor named Gregg P Allen MD? Really a doctor? I think not! HE denied my MRI because I guess he has a cyristal ball and he can see what is wrong with my shoulder with out even examining me!!


How dare he make such a statement on what is needed and what is not. I am filing an apeal but dont have much faith in this company..

to ***ed and frustrated San Diego, California, United States #669428

Hi . I am having the same problem with Aetna.

I have 4 drs requiring a mri asap, including an orthopedist. But each request has been denied for different reasons. No one seems willing o help me, so I am trying to figure this out.

How did your issue resolve?

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