Filling prescriptions at my local pharmacy used to be a snap. Filling prescriptions with Aetna RX Home Delivery is a NIGHTMARE!

Everytime I send in prescriptions for the same refills - time after time after time, I get the same runaround and the same delays in receiving my medications. I wonder how many people have DIED waiting for their medications, because Aetna is so freaking SLOW and uncaring. I think it is a case of "the FOX guarding the CHICKEN house". Aetna Insurance overseeing Aetna RX Home Delivery - HA!

I think their main goal is to *** off everyone, so they say to h@** with it and just pay for their prescriptions out of their own pocket, rather than dealing with Aetna - I know I have!!!

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Aetna RX has misappropriated funds sent to them somewhere in their vast system. Two order forms were sent with two checks to cover the member cost - yet Aetna personnel posted only one of those checks (same amount) but put both through the automatic debit system and destroyed the checks, thereby leaving me with no receipt to prove full payment of prescriptions ordered.

This is my error, not theirs and I have spent 4 weeks via e-mail - as I have no phone (another minus with them for me) trying to get this error corrected. They sent me a bill for the amount of the one check they failed to post against my account and say they will not fill the reorder prescription until this amount is paid.

They have the money, but no one knows where as their computer (information put in the computer via their personnel) shows a "balance due" Aetna. Can't get the medicine, and can't get personnel to correct their error - because they didn't commit any error, yet I have the bank statement to prove it.


Aetna rx home delivery is horrible at customer care!!! I called in 20 min after I put in for a refill to cancel this because it was OVER PRICED and of course they don't tell you the price before you put in the order.

The associate on the phone said no problem I will call down to the pharmacy and get that canceled for you, she put me on hold for like 2 min and came back to let me know she had put in to cancel and told me to call back later that evening to verify. I called back and of course they are like "your order has already been filled and there is nothing we can do" I was so pissed. Why the *** did the first associate tell me they could do it and now they are saying there is nothing they can do. SO PISSED!

When all you want is some sypathy and they act like they are missiriable at their job and they don't care a bit about you or themselfs for that matter. I will no longer be getting my medication from Aetna rx home delivery as they suck!


The short version (of a long and frustrating tale): They sent capsules instead of dissolving tabs for a two year old with stomach/ swallowing problems. They suggested I could break open the capsule and dissolve the medication in applesauce!!!! DO NOT USE AETNA RX HOME DELIVERY.


filled with dangerous generic even though Doctor specified on form the Brand name, gave the excuse that Doctor did not check box below instead of calling. Shipped 2/3's less than the specified amount on the 3 month prescription (Qty 30 instead of Qty 90) then told me too bad, it was right when shipped.


I am so pissed off at Aetna RX, they take their time and although pharmacy can fill my scripts in 10 minutes they take over a week to decide they need to call my Dr. Then they take 24 hours to read faxes.

Then they take days to process. Then they ship out cheapo overnight so you get to hang out at home and have no idea when your meds will arrive.

8AM....noon....6PM....how hard is it to A) not be complete *** on phone and B) throw some *** pills in a box and mail. I am totally pissed I didn't just go to the pharmacy and let them lose money paying 80%.

Felton, California, United States #43823

I have had the worst experiences with Aetna too! I wanted expedited shipping so I called and had a rep put this request in the notes section of my file, sent in an order form and selected "expedited shipping" AND when my provider faxed in my prescription, she also noted "expeditd shipping." Guess what? It was never expedited and took almost 3 weeks to arrive!!!!

Also, even though my order form noted that this was a new prescription, when they received it they ordered me a refill when I didn't ask for it or need it!

It's very inconvenient for me to spend so much time at work e-mailing and calling them on the phone to try and work this out.

I am doing home delivery to save money, but I thought it was supposed to make getting prescriptions EASIER??

I miss Target Pharmacy!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #41112

They have switched my medication without my permission or the doctors, this is crazy. This time they cancelled my order after asking me if I still wanted it, of course I said yes and then it get cancelled and they don't call.

Now I'm without medication. They blamed it on the manufacture and when I called them they said its available and have Aetna call them and they would send it.

Aetna says they do not call. This is CRAZY


I couldn't agree more!!! They told me today that it would take 1 month or more to fill my husband's diabetic perscriptions!!!

I might as well start planning his funeral !!!!!

I HATE this company and wish my employer would change. :(


I could not agree more- Aetna RX is absolutely horrible, and the lack of integrity and customer service is appalling. I had a situation similar to NYC gal- they sent a branded med that I do not want- with a $35 copay- and despite my sending appeals letters that I never authorized this they won't do anything.

They tried to charge my credit card without my consent (!!!!!!), and when they were denied by the credit card company, just sent the unwanted medication and bills! Despicable.

Seymour, Connecticut, United States #14752

Try this--when refilling an RX I spoke to a rep who told me the new price (I can't believe I'm paying extra for this now!) and I told her to cancel the order so I could get a generic prescription. I also asked her to note on the account that I did not want anything filled if it was over $20 and they should contact me if there was a problem.

Sure, sure. I asked my doctor to send in generic scripts, which she did. Aetna filled them as name brand ($200 more) claiming that no generics were available notwithstanding the fact that any child could google and find the generics. Obviously the generic companies hadn't greased Aetna's palm enough.

Now they won't let me return the drugs. When I ask for a supervisor, I'm told "the outcome will be the same".

Michael Moore, where are you? :?

Iberia, Missouri, United States #14274

:cry I have had the same experiences as DJR and Jerry. Aetna rx delivery is a NIGHTMARE!

It is convenient only for aetna, not for patients or physicians. It is SLOW and several times sent the wrong medications.

I too wonder if anyone has died...a lawsuit at the ready. I know my health has suffered from it's inaccurracy and delays.

Warminster Heights, Pennsylvania, United States #13110

I have spent the last two weeks trying to get my parents medications mailed from Aetna RX. I have never spoken with anyone that wasn't rude.

I tried Email - that was even worse. They failed to notify patients of Digitek recall and then adding insult to injury refused to pay for the replacement drug. We aren't talking vitamins here!

I paid for the medication myself. They are without a doubt the worst that I have ever attempted to deal with.

Chernivtsi, Chernivets'ka Oblast', Ukraine #12378

Same story with me! Almost 90 days without getting the Rx Refilled. Called and called, they keep referring to someone for follow up but never followed up on.

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