Filling prescriptions at my local pharmacy used to be a snap. Filling prescriptions with Aetna RX Home Delivery is a NIGHTMARE!

Everytime I send in prescriptions for the same refills - time after time after time, I get the same runaround and the same delays in receiving my medications. I wonder how many people have DIED waiting for their medications, because Aetna is so freaking SLOW and uncaring. I think it is a case of "the FOX guarding the CHICKEN house". Aetna Insurance overseeing Aetna RX Home Delivery - HA!

I think their main goal is to *** off everyone, so they say to h@** with it and just pay for their prescriptions out of their own pocket, rather than dealing with Aetna - I know I have!!!

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Told I had to use Aetna home delivery if I wanted any insurance coverage for my asthma meds. I normally pay 70.00 per month.

Aetna charge 479.00 out of my account and says "no refunds". I did not authorize the charge, but they took it anyway. Charged me a 700% mark up from my pharmacy.

What a rip off. Avoid at all costs.


Aetna Home Delivery is useless. Check local pharmacy prices before you use their service.

On a generic that Aetna says would cost $20 for 30 tabs, Home Delivery charges $158 for 90 tabs. That's more than 2.5X for a service that is supposed to save you money.

Thanks Aetna, what a great help you are. I went to Target and got 30 tabs for $11.88 and no hassle.


Prescription was mailed in plenty of time for them to receive and process. I now get an e-mail saying I ned to get another script as this is past 30 days.

Another thing, they say they will fill with generic, but sometimes I get the expesive one and sometimes the generic.

Call them to look at previous records, I might as well have talked to the wall. If it wasn't for the money thing, I sure as *** wouldn't use these low life lazy incompetent people to wipe my ***.


My husband needed a different medication because he no longer was able to take the one he was taking for 12 years. It had to be pre-certified.

The doctor did that and Aetna approved it until the end of Dec. 2010. Prescription was mailed 12/23/10. They said they got it 12/30/10 but it did not get processed until the new year therefore they can not complete the process because they need it pre-certified again.

Now this is crazy. It is there fault for not processing this request. My husband does not have his medication and they said if they can't get through to the doctor's office the request will be cancelled. Someone should cancel them right out of the health care business.

I could have gotten this medication at the pharmacy in December for a cheaper price than sending it in to the RX home delivery. What a mistake on our part not to have done that then. We thought it best to go through them because we have always done so in the past.

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to think. :(


Same issues. I have been taking the brand name Toprol XL for 10 years and my doctor accidentally wrote product selection permitted on a faxed script.

WEll...no product selection, they sent me the generic. When I called and asked them to look at my records, they said yes you have always gotten the brand name but your doctor wrote product selection permitted. Well, it appears that they didn't allow me to select. They selected and now I'm stuck.

My MD faxed another script but now the website said it's been cancelled, I'm very frustrated.

I paid for rush service and now I'm stuck!!!!!! I guess we get to call today but them I plan to write a letter to aetna, copying my employer and md.


Have used Aetna Rx Home delivery for past 2 years, I am Diabetic patient & wife is an RN.

I used to get ok service from Aetna in 2009.

But in 2010 I have gotten service so bad it reminds me of MEDCO ( my former service plan) Faxes from the Doctor to Aetna RX 800 # are routinely, lost, misplaced or NOT put into the computer system in the 48 hour period that they say they put them in. Therefore the WEB site for filling prescriptions ONLINE is constantly WRONG!!! Then Aetna says all prescriptions expire in 1 calender year there fore the patient is forced to run behind Doctors to get the scrips re-written & re-faxed to AETNA. Patients CANNOT send scrips directly into Aetna & if Aetna screws up you only have a 800 # to complain on.

I am on 2 eyedrops , Insulin , syringes and Test strips. it takes me an average of 15 phone calls- 4 Doctor Faxes and 2 calls to the Aetna Pharmacist every 90 days to get my prescriptions on time every 90 days. This is the Average..what if I were working full time I couldn't do what I do to get my prescriptions filled. My work is now requiring that we go through their Pharmacy Instead of Aetna Rx home delivery in 2011.

They have heard & DOCUMENTED the problems from these people in Missouri. Hopefully in 2011 the service will be better if not I am going to go to Costco for piece of mind.

I may pay more but this is INSANE to have to go through this procedure every 90 days.. AETNA RX home Delivery SUX..getting as bad as MEDCO :cry


Have used ExpressScripts with a past employer and received much better service. Aetna RX has the slowest turnaround time.

There website is not very informative. Phoned in a refill & a week later received a FORM LETTER that the prescription could not be refilled until January 2011. WRONG!!! When I called the customer service line, they admitted that it was a mistake on their part.

Now a whole week was lost waiting for the medication. They would not send the refill via "Rush" service because they said it still fell within their 14 day delivery window. Not exactly what I would call good customer service, when the mistake was entirely Aetna's. If you can use another mail order prescription service, it would be advisable.

I know when open enrollment comes around, I will be switching.

PS: Aetna's health care coverage in just as bad as their prescription service!!!!! :(


Aetna sucks across the board. It's too bad that bought off Congress did not have the balls to institute a public option.


These bozos sent me an automated soliciting phone call, even though I'm on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL REGISTRY, and since they have accepted my contract for the use of my phone for their business purposes I expect to be paid ($1000 per occasion) 30 days net.

Slimebuckets. This firm needs to be liquidated.


I wish I would have read these cpmments on Aetna RX home delivery beore I placed two orders. The last order I placed I never received, I had to wait 14 days to call and notify them that I didn't receive the order, now they are telling me that I have to wait 45 days to get a refund or have the order reshipped and pay another $240.00.

I can only get 7 days supply of my medication until Aeta Rx Home delivery clears the order out of their system. I will use Costco.


They Lost two checks for my order totaling over $460. and then sat on my order for 3 and 1/2 weeks with no notification...while I had no blood pressure pills or breathing meds. I had to re-do with check by phone and then they held up my order further over the amt of meds prescribed by my doctor as if they knew my needs and

condition. They also failed to tell me before I signed up that my prescriptions for inhalers for asthma woukd carry a $200.

deductable in additon to the cost of the inhalers! I can't wait until November to find another provider!! Their sight is so unfriendly, I can't even find out how much prescriptions cost in advance because their site is so confusing

Confused In Ohio


I pay $100 for 18 pills that I can only recieve every two months because of Aetna. And when I get a prescription from the pharmacy sent to me from Aetna it costs me $5 more.

What a convience that I not only pay more to have it shipped to my house but I also have to wait 2weeks. They tried telling me that my Dr. wrote out my scripts wrong thats why I only recieved 18 pills at a time. My Dr.

has checked their records he said Aetna is fullof ***. Wish I had the money to pay full price for my pills.


My mother just started using this service. We got a box of meds for her, while the name was wrong the address was right.

It didn't even say who the meds were from, had to call the number(aetna) and the address was for eckerds. Maybe no the best idea to open box, but we thought may be wrong name on label, but no completely wrong person.

So some other unlucky person is getting her meds and we go his. I can see this is going to be an adventure.


I have just started dealing with Aetna Rx Home Delivery,and while i should have been more responsible in starting to deal with this sooner,Aetna has told me so many different things ,i dont know what to believe.Bottom line,my wife is going without her pain meds,and Aetna just doesnt seem to care.


Aetna Rx Home Delivery offenses:

Offered me a generic that does not exist.

Sent me a generic when doctor requested brand.

Sent me a brand when doctor requested generic.

"Overnighted" me a medication 3 weeks later.

Did not tell me my medicine was out of stock and sat on my order.

Billed me for 3 months prescription when they only sent me one month.

Customer service employee refused to let me speak to the supervisor.


You don't have to use Aetna RX you know. I know costco and walmart and target too I believe have the discounted meds.

Every time I check they have added more and more to the list. Depending on what you take and if it is on the list at these places you may pay less than what your copay is at Aetna! Yes. I used to work in pharmacy, I have never seen anything like what I am seeing now with my parents on the program.

It disgusts me. The company who makes the drug (most of them) offer free or low cost prescriptions. Contact the company directly.

Don't go through a deal like "freemed.com" they just got busted by government. Good luck.


You know they have us locked in to this *** with medicare Part D. It is totally unfair.

If anyone doesn't already know about the discounted prescriptions, well I will tell you. Costco is filling 30day for $4 and 90day for $10 on MOST meds. It may be worth it to check first. Also, an inhaller I would be paying $500 a month for is $200 at costco, and better yet by contacting the company who makes it they supplied me with a card to get it free.

Had to fill out one form and qualify but if I qualify I would imagine that you would also. Don't follow what they Aetna wants, I can't afford it can you? H*LL NO! Check around figure out now where the best price is.

Go to Destination RX if you can get online. They will give you an idea in your area who has better price is you fall into that dounut hole. And if you do, do your research now since it is the new year before your desperate.

Good luck! Happy new year!

Cleveland, North Carolina, United States #98990

I wish I had read these reviews before making the biggest regrettable mistake of my life of becoming involved with AETNA RX home delivery. The people in that corporation are a bunch of rip offs!

The same thing as you all have mentioned- they called and left a message that they needed more info from my Dr. to fill out the prescription. The next thing I know, they claim that they had canceled the order because the doctor's prescription was not received. They didn't even call to notify me of the cancelation, my dcotor sends them the prescription later, and left out the first part of the drug name and Aetna Rx assumes it's a new prescription, which they fill out without notifying, then charge my account for a ridiculous amount which I have never paid for, because I don't order brand name drugs.

And yes long and short of it all, after checking my account and noting that they had taken that money out, I called and told them that I didn't want the order, I was given the assurance that the order would be canceled and my money refunded.

Lo and behold, the shipment was never canceled, they claimed it had been filled already when I called-- Excuse, the shipment hadn't left your premises yet. It just goes on and on, -best advice, keep going to your local drugstore and fill your prescription there, hassle free- Again AETNA RX- BUNCH OF RIP OFFS and they'll get what's coming to them one of these days, for ripping poor people off there hard earned money


I am upset that they have used my card to pay my prescription, when I told them it was a one time transaction! Thisas just yesterday!

FRAUD!! :?


Aetna Rx Home Delivery sucks. You should visit that company just once. Its like walking into a funeral parlor with a bunch of unhappy mistreated employees and a leader who is very dishonest and uses funds for his own benefit.

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