Filling prescriptions at my local pharmacy used to be a snap. Filling prescriptions with Aetna RX Home Delivery is a NIGHTMARE!

Everytime I send in prescriptions for the same refills - time after time after time, I get the same runaround and the same delays in receiving my medications. I wonder how many people have DIED waiting for their medications, because Aetna is so freaking SLOW and uncaring. I think it is a case of "the FOX guarding the CHICKEN house". Aetna Insurance overseeing Aetna RX Home Delivery - HA!

I think their main goal is to *** off everyone, so they say to h@** with it and just pay for their prescriptions out of their own pocket, rather than dealing with Aetna - I know I have!!!

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renewing scripts with apnea spec. is a freaking adventure.

to much BS ago through to fill refills .

hate to have call them to do so and going online todos is not simple at all touch to go through to get where you need to be take far to much time searching to get where you need to be. hate to do it


Aetna Home Delivery is really difficult to deal with! Rejected constantly with my Aetna ID.

Cannot not ID again and again?

On occasion I get a hit. Small favor!


Extremely unprofessional customer care. Very indifferent.

They lost 2 of my packages. I called in twice to to confirm my address and told them that they needed to include my apartment number too. They shipped the package twice without the apartment number and I did not receive both the packages! Moreover, they made me pay for a 14 day local supply, even after they said it would be free.

Customer care people were unapologetic about the whole issue! Totally suck!


You are absolutely right. They stink.

They overcharged me. Someone was supposed to call me in 2 days.

It's been a week and still waiting. No customer service.


I am very new to this operation Aetna Pharmacy Home Delivery and in fine writing mailorder service. Why you advertise yourself as being a Home Delivery Service when you have to go to a mailbox to get your prescription.

For 17 dollars two day i guess to your door next day 29.

At Walgreens which they stopped doing business with, filled my prescription with my card on file and my order was ship to my door the next day, no fee for delivery by ups, not usps. So disappointed


I have had SO much trouble with getting my prescriptions. Yesterday they told me my drugs aren’t on the plan in spite of being in their published formularies.

I think it has to do with employee idiocy. Once great company going down the tubes.

Poughkeepsie, New York, United States #1278716

Even in the SAME DAY!! They should get out of the home delivery business. They are INCOMPETENT.

Poughkeepsie, New York, United States #1278712

I have called Aetna Home Delivery 8 times in the past two months about a single prescription correction. Get a different answer with each Customer Service Rep.

Even in the SAME Pharmacy delivery business. They are incompetent.

Longwood, Florida, United States #1276148

it is the worst customer service that I have EVER encountered ! I think they hire the mentally challenged for telephone coverage. You can explain and beg for help, over and over and they just sit there and listen, then transfer your call to another ***.

Brattleboro, Vermont, United States #1247915

In 2016 things have not changed regarding problems with Aetna Home Pharmacy. Extremely slow, poor customer service.

I had to go to a local pharmacy for a 15 day supply because they take so long to complete a prescription renewal.

They then delayed it further because they said they have to wait a certain amount of time before they can send my renewal because I went to the local pharmacy. I went to the local pharmacy because they were taking so long to begin with.


I have been having problems with Aetna Home pharmacy. I call because they don't send prescriptions before I run out.

I call they say they will send them. I week later, I call and they say that they have not sent it out. Why is it so hard, just send out my pills! I wish my insurance would work with another company.

Each time I call it is 45-90 minutes on the phone to get it straightened out. and half the times it still isn't!


They are the worst company I have ever dealt with, a bunch of morons. There are notes in my account and every time i have to call and literally yell at someone. Their customer service in my book is a minus 50, a bunch of people that really dont know or care


Amen, still waiting 3 weeks on. They keep trying to bill this as one $250 compounded pill instead of 3 pills which literally cost a few dollars.

The amount of drug I get is the same. Completely inept.


Aetna is by far the worst RX provider ever. They have no sense of urgency, and could care less.

Overnight orders are a joke. Sure, they eventually get processed, but it can take up up three weeks.

When a doctor faxes or calls an order in it can take up to 4-5 days for them to admit they have it, and another week or two to process it.

Simply put AETNA SUCKS

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #895413

Doc faxes Rx's twice and Aetna cannot find them. Office assistant faxes again a few days later.

When she calls Aetna to check up on this they say they need two days to find a fax. Then when they do find it the order takes 10 - 11 days to go through the mail. That is not good service. The patient is out of meds and has had to bother his doctor now to get 1-week supply prescriptions that he can fill at an outside pharmacy.

$$$$.-- Patient had tried to do the right thing, starting the process half a month before his refills ran out. He is a State of Alaska retiree with Aetna pharmacy "benefits".

Cape Coral, Florida, United States #883761

Aetna Rx At Home is very unethical, immoral and dirty. These *** made promises to replace misdirected RX and just lied, putting no notes in the file.

They caused my confidential medical information to go into the hands of total strangers. If you are reading this, and you get a chance to hurt this company, kick them in the balls for me!

to ***edOffinFlorida #1449348

It’s now 2018, and as a new user of this ***ked up company I have experienced EXACTLY THE SAME AS YOU!!!!DO NOT USE AETNA HOME RX DELIVERY .... I HAVE MADE HUGE NOISE TODAY AND I’M NOT DONE YET


aetna rx home delivery is pathetic. Every single time I have an extremely painful time getting my medication dispensed.

This has been going on for YEARS, and they don't give a ***.

Time to write to my congressperson. My Doctor can't do anything.


I have to agree 100%. Aetna Rx Home Delivery is the most incompetent pharmacy I have ever had the displeasure of being forced to use.

Every single time I call their automated system to get a refill, everything seems to go smoothly (at first). Shortly thereafter, without fail, I receive a return robocall that they are unable to process my script for one reason or another. Just the thought of knowing that a med is running low gives me a headache, because I know I'll have to make another lengthy hold-ridden horrible call. I don't usually lose my temper with company representatives, but it's always a different person with something different on their computer screen!

There is no quality control- no continuity of care!! I've never disliked Aetna as an insurance company, but the use of Aetna Rx Home Delivery has tainted their reputation so negatively that I will never have anything positive to say about them again.

Seattle, Washington, United States #703494

ABSOLUTELY AGREE!!! We use Catamaranrx through Aetna and it is SO UNPROFESSIONAL!

EVERY SINGLE time I order Embrel for my husband from them they don't deliver it. They always have some VERY UNPROFESSIONAL reason why it is delayed. This time it somehow did not get processed correctly! I believe there is something very shady about this company.

I believe they must be doing something illegal.

Everytime I deal with them it has SCAM written all over the experience. I thought Aetna was a reputable company but now I am concerned about their business practices too!!

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