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Aetna Medicare Advantage Health Plan Review from Parkersburg, West Virginia 1 of 1 people found it helpful
I have to switch to Aetna because of work. I have had a heart condition for 13 years. $ years ago my cardiologist prescribed a new medication because the one I was taking wasn't working. In this time period 3 insurance companies paid for it but Aetna denied it asked for documentation from my doctor which he sent, they again denied it saying we need 1 month proof of failure. I guess they want proof that I will dead then okay. Same thing for...
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My mother, a 70yo public Ohio teacher was coerced into a AETNA Medicare Advantage plan through STRS last year when she retired. She was told this was a supplemental policy that would cover the additional 20% of Medicare remainders. In addition, she was further upsold for the "best policy". Last week (her first claim) she had an accident where she fell and had 2 compound fractures in her leg and required immediate surgery. The hospital told us...
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