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It is my opinion: Aetna, liars, crooks and thieves. I purchased a disability policy from my employer with Aetna.

I became disabled because of a health condition, verified by 3 doctors, state and other insurance companies. Aetna harassed my spouse and I, threatened me with being fired, discontinued my employer pay and benefits, conveniently lost documents my doctors and I sent to them several times, misquoted and distorted facts in medical documents I submitted, forced me to retire because of no pay or benefits, committed fraud, made numerous mistakes always in Aetna’s favor, told me verbal lies in phone conversations, made outrageous demands under the threat of being fired “if you don’t go to the doctor today and submit these forms you will be terminated from your job”, Etc. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini's compensation was valued at $17.3 million last year. He got it by screwing people like you and I.

Don’t get Aetna insurance for any coverage of any kind. Often Aetna will not pay claims and will do anything dishonest to avoid paying. If you do have Aetna coverage, get rid of them ASAP. Aetna consistently acted in bad faith.

If you do have problems with Aetna, keep a log, FAX or send all documents 3 times and file a complaints with your employer and department of insurance, etc. Anonymous Aetna victim, because of Aetna reprisals.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aetna Disability Claim.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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They stiffed me and left me with a $1,300 hospital bill!!


I agree, company just changed to Aetna and now after several calls to Aetna I find out that nutrition that was covered under blue cross and medical mutual is not covered. so upset, and to think we were told that there change to Aetna would be identical to Blue Cross and or Medical Mutual.

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