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The first doctor said I needed an MRI, but Aetna denied it stating they wanted twelve 'doctor supervised' PT sessions, DESPITE the doctor taking history of me doing an 'at home' PT program for four months & taking Aleve. So, I spent six weeks in PT, NO DOCTOR supervised the PT. This was a stall tactic to delay inevitable surgery until the following year so I would have to START OVER with my... Read more

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We switched from part D coverage to Aetna's Gold PPO (what a joke this is) so called managed care ! . I should have known that any company that calls you to complete survey questions before your coverage is in effect should be a tip off. these idiots tell you how wonderful Aetna is yeah right! When it come to providing me my prescriptions. I needed a expensive prescription which is... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aetna
  • Jan 23
  • #776335

Aetna is the worst insurance I've ever had. They are a nightmare to deal with and it is SO hard to get your prescriptions every single time. I can't wait to change insurance companies. They are by far the WORST insurance I've ever had to deal with! Add comment

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  • Aetna
  • Jan 19
  • #773467

I've been waiting on a book from Aetna for the doctors I can go see that's in network I never received it I called 2 times I know replied back I'm really disappointed in Aetna they're not doing their job Add comment

I will be accurate and fair. I hope the higher management of Aetna sees this as usually they are a good company. We are living overseas, and were provided health insurance by Aetna international- RSA. I am sorry to say this is one of the worse insurances that I have ever dealt with. We live overseas as my husband works for DOD, this is the insurance that his company offered us. We were told... Read more

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was an aetna subscriber for ten(10) years. i was paying over $200 per mo nth and an additional $110 for medicare. i struggled every month with covering high prescription, supplement and copays. then an insurance agent should me thast even with my heart desease,i did not need that severe a coverage plan. now i am with keystone 65 and only paying $36 dollars monthly. why didn t someone from aetna... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aetna
  • Jan 11
  • #768478

Aetna is without a doubt the worst health insurance companies I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. The only other company that's worse is Advance Publications owned by the Newhouse Family who don't give a tinkers *** about their retired employees!! Add comment

On 1/5/16 about 4:00pm, I went to the cvs minute clinic to get a flu shot. I did not have my 2016 member ID number. I called with no response, tried to log in on the website and was told to call. When I called again I accepted the call back feature. I never received I call back. I called numerous times before getting ahold of someone who told me the 2016 ID numbers were still being... Read more

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I was a COVENTRY ONE NC participant for over a year and loved them. I now have AETNA - I have done everything that I am supposed to and I still do not have my ID cards nor can I access the AETNA RX - home delivery program for mine and my families medicine. I am beginning to get frustrated and do not know where to turn. On hold for over 2 hours this afternoon and put contact information call... Read more

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I have been a CoventryOne customer and was the best service I ever had, Aetna bought them out & it's been *** so far, worst customer service I have ever dealt with they doubled my 13 YO Daughter's insurance premiums by moving her to a higher package I wanted the basics catastrophic plan seeing she only goes for once a year check up, I have been giving the 'still in processing' yap 2 week's... Read more

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