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I get the whole high deductible thing. I realize that I have to spend almost $7000 before Aetna pays. But the doctors in the network? They charge whatever they like. My husband went in for some discomfort and was diagnosed by the physician assistant as having a common dietary ailment. They asked him to make a followup appointment with a new doctor 4 days later in the evening. Just got the bill. Charged $20 extra for evening appointment... Read more

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What is wrong with you people? My friend is and has been in extreme pain and needs back surgery for over a year.....she cannot function normally... For her to do anything, shower. Cook , laundry, just walking causes her extreme pain , trying to clean her house, which she cannot do, her daughter usually comes and cleans her house for her...SHE NEEDS SURGERY!! You people have denied her several times. She needs this surgery! Talk to her... Read more

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Since Freaking Obamacare, I have little choices with healthcare. I am very healthy, thank God. I only go to the doctor for check up yearly. But I had a small cyst removed on my back, and I had to pay for everything including the lab that biopsied the cyst. Aetna not only did not pay anything, but when I called them, they could not even find my records as a policy holder. Once they did find my records, it was not updated and had not been updated... Read more

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Piece of *** *** bags. You will not do this to my dad. Read more

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My young son has multiple disabilities that require Speech, OT, and PT therapy weekly. These therapies were prescribed by 3 doctors including specialists. I called Aetna to make sure my plan covered the different therapies. I was told yes and asked the person to double check to confirm. She was pleasant and spent time to double check. She confirmed coverage and told me there was no visit limit. I asked for the reference number and was... Read more

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My Daughter lives in Cold Spring Kentucky, she has health insurance (aetna) thru Kentucky medicaid. She has been in and out(mostly in) of the hospital for the past week due to adhesion's on her small intestines that are obstructing her bowel which results from Crohn's disease that she was diagnosed with over a year ago. Her Doctor recommended an operation that would require removing "the bad" sections of her small intestines (adhesion's) that... Read more

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  • Apr 06
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I need allergy shots really bad and before Aetna my dad got his allergy shots for free and that's what I was expecting. When I called the company it cost over 2,000 dollars. Now I have to wait another year to get them. What am I supposed to do, wait another year to get shots that I need? Add comment

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  • Mar 31
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I've had insurance with Blue Cross of Texas for over 20 years and never had a complaint. I switched to Aetna this year because Blue Cross no longer had contracts with my key doctors. I am out-of-state and want to visit an Urgent Care because of severe flu symptoms. Aetna will not cover my visit because it is not "life-threatening". What a rip-off!!! Add comment

I was diagnosed with cancer last year. I immediately began chemo, when done I had a masectomy right away. Shortly after that, radiation began. My hospital plan still hasn't paid my Sept 2015 claim. The problem seems to be whoever handles the fax machines. I believe it is laziness, maybe they are losing these faxes or worse, tossing them, but I get confirmatons when my machine sends out a fax, it prints a report that confirms your fax was... Read more

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I have cancer, diagnosed Aprit 2015. To date Aetana has paid 2 claims out of several. They continuously lose faxed documents and hate to pay a claim. I will make see my attorney on Monday. Add comment

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